Who are LUNA?

 Lucy + Ellie

We are PADI professional scuba divers with a combined experience of more than 30 years between us.

Here is a little about us. 

Ellie D'Silva

Co-founder & PADI Divemaster/DSD Leader

Why scuba diving?

I was lucky enough to have been thrown in the water from a young age and started snorkelling on summer holidays with my Dad. I remember having a go at diving as a kid on holiday. I was amazed that I could float about for so long and not have to worry about holding my breath!


The more I dive the more I fall in love with the ocean, the freedom and the adventure!


What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you started out?

That it’s okay to be nervous! Diving can be daunting, and even experienced divers can get nervous before dives. Use your nerves in a positive way: we can help with that!


What advice would you give to a woman who is getting back into diving? 

It really is just like riding a bike: it will all come back to you once you get back into it! Don’t worry about getting things wrong or asking questions.

Name a funny diving moment

Lucy forgetting that you can’t talk underwater (without using hand signals), and trying to tell me a fish had changed colour. All I could hear was bubbles and faint noises! I laughed so hard!

Lucy Alfred

Co-founder & PADI Divemaster/DSD Leader

Why scuba diving?

I have always loved being in the water and, like Ellie, my childhood holidays were filled with snorkelling and swimming. Diving was the inevitable and natural progression of things and I was hooked from the first time I tried it. I loved everything about it: the sense of adventure it brings, the close encounters with marine life and of course the wonderful community I became a part of.


What is your top learning tip? 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you think the answer might be obvious or you feel silly for asking. You are there to learn and you learn by asking questions, so ask away!

What is your top tip for women divers?

Don’t expect to look glamorous ‘like they do in the pics’. Diving is fun, exciting, adventurous and wonderful, but it is most definitely not glamorous! At least, not for me it isn’t! ​

Name a funny diving moment

Seeing a big, grumpy-looking fish with Ellie on a dive one day and her turning around to look at me, pulling the exact same face!