A beautiful house reef in El Quesir, Egypt

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

The first time I stayed at Roots Red Sea was after a liveaboard in the Northern Red Sea. We turned up a bit salty and tired after five days of fabulous diving. We were greeted with open arms by owners Clare and Steve to their Egyptian home-from-home and treated to a refreshing glass of cold juice. I stayed just one night, without doing any diving and knew I had to go back!

I have since been back twice more and had a fantastic stay both times.

Roots is a purpose-built dive hotel complete with personal house reef and beach-side facilities. Packages at Roots are inclusive of unlimited diving on the house reef which we really made the most of!

This is a shore diving experience with a short walk down to the water while kitted-up. If you have any problems with carrying heavy weights, the team can assist you with getting your kit down to the water. After that it’s smooth sailing as the sandy bottom gently slopes down to reveal two reef walls either side of you. Depending on the currents and winds on the day you can go either way but, if you go South, you’re treated to the most stupendous coral pinnacle.

Swirling with life, this pinnacle is topped with a large red anemone and multitudinous fish including glass fish, clown fish, grouper, moray eels, the list goes on. You could honestly spend your whole diving looking at this pinnacle without getting bored…!

But alas you do eventually have to get out of the water and into the warm showers that all the accommodation is equipped with, before heading for dinner. If you weren’t sure when dinner is served, it’s when the chef rings the big bell outside the dining area!

As a vegetarian I can sometimes find it a little difficult in places like Egypt but thankfully, Clare is vegetarian which means delicious meals for both vegetarians and carnivores alike. This is the time to share the highs of the days’ diving and swap stories with your fellow divers. After that you can either turn in for an early night (which is most nights for me after a day on compressed air!) or share a shisha pipe/sip a cold beer by the camp-fire with your pals.

Both times I have dived here have been in a training capacity. Indeed, it is great for training as the diving is easy, the staff are excellent and the facilities and kit are top-notch. If you’re an experienced diver you’ll probably want to add-on some extra dive excursions to other locations which is very easily done at reception.

I recommend Roots to everyone I know so go go go!

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